What questions are you waiting for?

I was at a school meeting recently, where the head teacher was having open discussions with parents and students about what it was that they wanted to do when they grow up. Pretty standard questioning of 12-year-olds I know, but what stuck with me, was the hesitant reply that a young girl gave in response to the teacher’s question, especially considering it was in front of an audience of her classmates and parents. This young girl slowly rose from her chair in the back and shyly replied to the question, “I don’t know ma’am, nobody has ever asked me what I want?

At first there was a few giggles from the audience, but then an awkward silence when everyone realized that this young girl was not joking.

Of course, this young girl may well not have known what she wanted to be when she grew up, but that is not the point. The point is that if she were to be given the opportunity to consider this question, and questions just like it, she would be in a far stronger and more conscious position to think about it and start creating a dream world for her future where anything was possible. 

No matter how grand the dream, no matter how insanely huge the goal, no matter how far the imagination stretches, it would allow this young girl to begin cementing these wonderous dreams into her existence. And as many already know, what we truly believe in, what we focus on continuously, will inevitably become our reality in one way or another.

So often we focus so intently on the questions being asked of us daily, by our family, our colleagues, our social circles and our communities in general, that we tend to neglect the questions left unasked and thus unanswered.

It could stand to reason then, that asking important questions is of paramount importance and even more so, is asking the questions that we have not yet been asked, because this is where we start to consider the things that we hold on to deep down inside. The things that change lives, the things that change hearts and things that build spaceships. 

You see, one of the greatest tricks the world plays on us, is to avoid asking the questions that really matter, especially at times when they really do matter.

When you see that opportunity, when you feel the inexplicable need to ask someone close to you a question that has not been asked, just ask it. You may be very surprised by how that conversation turns out.

Perhaps one day, someone will ask you a meaningful question that will allow you to find the answer that will change your life for good.