Building the vision

“I am doing just fine at the moment. I have a good job, I have a fairly healthy lifestyle, I am in a happy relationship, my kids are pretty well adjusted and doing ok at school, even my dog wags her tail when I come home. So why on earth would I need, or even want to change anything, let alone create an entire vision of my ideal future?”

Valid questions for sure. So why is it so important to create a vision for your future anyway?

Consider how an architect goes about designing a masterpiece of a home, or a magnificent library or a majestic cathedral. Does she have a good selection of buildings already designed and built? Does she have a stable business, good client base and a happy family? It probably is a yes to all these questions, so why design something new? 

Because she is capable of doing so.

She starts the process with an idea, with a concept in her mind that does not yet exist in reality. She contemplates the creation of something wonderous, she dreams of something remarkable, she builds this image, this portrait, in her mind before ink has even touched paper. She has built a vision of what it is that she wants to see become reality.

She then begins to map out this vision. She sketches and draws and reworks until the image she has created in her mind is matched on paper. This is her vision board, this is her detailed representation of what reality will actually look like. And then she makes it happen. 

She gathers the best resources, choosing wisely so as to ensure the vision is created exactly as planned. Every day she inspects the progress and process. She wanders through the construction site comparing every detail to how she first imagined it. She keeps the image clearly etched in her mind to make sure she is on track. 

Then it is done, the home, the library, the cathedral stands in all its glory. Truly a masterpiece. A unique and unparalleled creation. Something to be proud of.

And all this began with an idea. All this began with a vision. All this began with someone believing that they were capable of creating something extraordinary. And so she did.

Can you imagine what could be possible in life if we decided to actually create something from the ideas we had as a child or as a teen or as an adult? Can you image the world we could live in? Can you just imagine how you would feel about your job then, how successful you would be? Can you imagine how much stronger your relationships could be and how well your kids could be doing at school? As for your dog, well, he will love you all the same.

The point is, that just because everything is going ok for you now, you still have the potential and possibility to create so much more of the stuff that makes you truly happy, and so much more. That future, that masterpiece you dreamed of, is there. You just need to get it out of your head and into the world so that it has a chance to become a reality.

Creating a representation of your vision is easier than you think.

Just draw it, cut it and paste it. Paint it and glue it. Find something real that imitates that which you want to be, see or have, and keep it close. Build a picture that looks exactly like the image in your mind. And look at it. Look at it everyday. Let it sink in deep. Walk through the construction site and remind yourself that this is your dream in the making, the majestic cathedral, the future that you so richly deserve.

After all, the author queen of mystery, Agatha Christie, did not stop writing after her first few books were published. She went on to be recognised as the best-selling novelist of all time, outsold only by Shakespeare and the Bible. Christie has sold more than 1 billion copies in the English language alone.

Now thats a dream come true.